About Wardurr

Wardurr is a consultancy for the e-gaming sector, with a focus on delivering real P&L benefits through campaign assessment and customer risk management.

Wardurr maximizes ROI on your CRM budget decisions by providing full support services including in-depth competitor analysis of promotions. Wardurr increases your profitability by assessing CRM risk, from an individual customer point of view as well as from a campaign perspective. In a world of big data and increasing scale this is a challenge for most companies, but also an opportunity to increase profitability if you get it right.

Regardless of whether its Casino or Sportsbook, having a Wardurr risk assessment of your CRM campaign before you spend budget will give you the confidence to ensure it delivers the right results ahead of time.

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Wardurr BVBA was founded in 2017 by Ward De Bock. The company is privately owned and registered in Belgium.